Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Cute

Christmas Eve was at my house this year. I love playing host!
After many failed attempts to get a cute straight-on shot of my shirt, mommy finally made daddy grab me for this picture. I made sure to give her my best "duh" face.
I had a blast in the playroom with my cousins that night. Although I had to give many of them the side-eye when they dared to touch toys without my permission.
Christmas morning was a bit of a blur. No sooner was I given my morning sippie cup of milk, I was whisked downstairs to the tree I'm not allowed to touch.
Apparently, to spite what mommy says, I have been very good this year!
This was one of my favorite gifts - from my cousins Joe and Diane.
I got the hang of this "unwrapping" pretty quickly.
WOW - this is a BIG gift!
Cool - new appliances for my kitchen!!
I showed daddy what I got in my stocking. Crayons and a Wubbzy CD - does it get any better!
Here I am showing daddy how to color. Silly daddy was trying to stay in the lines.
Oh, hey mom, I was so NOT going to put this crayon in my mouth!
This is the COOLEST gift - a pirate ship!
This box was pretty neat too!
Nana and Grandad sent me this cool car garage. I love to say car!
After gifts at home, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house where I was given even more gifts (a reward for being so awesome this year!)
These gifts weren't mine, but I'm so nosy.
Talkity Talk Wubbzy! Enough said.
Cousin Maryann stopped by too. She's so cute! We will have fun playing together one day.
She got a lot of gifts too. Most were bigger than her!
And last, but not least, here's Uncle Dickey.

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