Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Rambling

It's been hot here this week. Like August hot. Not great weather for a lot of outdoor fun. So we've been making the best of it at home most days.

Matthew has been going through all his books. Picking out his favorites and "reading" them over and over.
Wagon rides in the house are now an approved activity.
We hit up a few tag sales today before we melted in the sun - picked up this Dora Duplo set for $2.
Matthew revels in the littlest treasures he seems to find at these tag sales - today's find, 12,000 Squinkies. And a pink gumball-style machine for them. He said to me "I can play with this mommy, it's okay for boys to play with girl toys. Just like girls can play with boy toys." Can't argue with that! 
We also scored this new-in-the-box Cars Piston Cup Garage. $10. Worth every penny.
And my favorite find of the day - this Little Tikes water/sand table. In great condition. Only $5. And perfect relief for today's extreme heat.
We're supposed to get some thunderstorms tomorrow which are supposed to bring us some relief from this heat. I can't wait - I'm not ready for summer yet!


Mama Hen said...

It has been hot here, but we are going to head to the beach today to have some fun in the water. Hope you are staying cool my friend! Great pictures! :)

Mama Hen

~Dawn~ said...

We're stiiiilllll waiting for summer here!!

$5 for that little water table? SCORE!

Masshole Mommy said...

My boys has a garage like that one anf LOVED that thing! Great score!!