Monday, May 27, 2013

The long weekend

You just can't beat a 3-day weekend. It feels like you're stealing time. We made sure to pack a lot of fun into ours. We started out on Saturday with breakfast at Panera. We all enjoyed our bagels.
Noah REALLY enjoyed his.
We wound up at Cracker Barrel for lunch after running some errands. I hope they get these little peg games at a discount - my boys are good for losing the pieces during the course of a meal.
Sunday was all about bouncy fun for cousin Sam's 4th birthday.
Noah got to hone his Nerf shooting skills.
And Matthew jumped, bounced, and played with everything in the place.
Today we're taking it easy. I'm doing some cleaning, we had a nice BBQ lunch, and Matt is out now cutting the grass. We're enjoying our freedom today.

Happy Memorial Day! I hope your weather today is a fantastic as ours is and that you can get out and enjoy the day.


~Dawn~ said...

3 day weekends are the best. :)

Noah eating that bagel is just about the cutest I've ever seen!!

Masshole Mommy said...

Looks like a good weekend. And who doesn't like a good bagel every now and then?