Thursday, April 7, 2011


We headed out to the Danbury Mall last weekend to escape the rain. We like the Danbury Mall because it has a neat little play area in the cafeteria as well as a full-size carousel. When we got there it was lunchtime so we sat and ate our chicken nuggets and watched as the carousel started and stopped. Ish was out of his mind excited at the promise that we would let him ride Bullseye if he ate all his lunch. (Those of you who don't know, Bullseye is Woody's horse from Toy Story).

So after lunch we waited at the ticket booth for our turn to ride.
Ish picked out the horse he wanted.
And he was absolutely giddy waiting for the ride to start.
And every time the horse came back around he would smile and wave at me (of course I couldn't get a decent picture of that, but you get the point).
And bonus for me and Matt - all that horse riding excitement wore Ish out!!!

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Mama Hen said...

That mall is great! We went on the carousel a few months ago. It is amazing! I am happy Ish had such a great time! have a great week my friend!

Mama Hen