Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 Years Old

Dear Ish -

Today you are 2 years old. Sometimes it's hard to believe that you're really still just a baby - you seem like such a big boy, much older than 2 years old! You can count to 13, you know your letters and your colors and you sure know how to throw a tantrum like a big boy!!

You love Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder and Lightning McQueen. You also love chocolate and insist on having your special Ning Ning treats every day. You love being outside and will run to get your shoes and socks when asked if you want to take a ride or go on the swings. You like taking rides in daddy's car because he has Mupps dvds and we like taking you for car rides because we know that's the only way we can get you to nap.

You spend your days at grandma and pop pop's house during the week entertaining your little cousin Mare Mare. You run circles around the house all day and you love to give kissies when it's time to go home. You love bath time - and even insist on taking your bathtub Thomas toy to bed every night. On the weekends we try to steal a few more minutes of sleep by bringing you into our room to watch tv - but even at 7am you're full of spunk and not interested in lounging around.

You had so much fun at your party yesterday. You ran around and played with all your little friends. You chased Uncle Brad and even let Alex carry you around. You loved your Thomas cake and had fun eating the M&Ms off of the cookies we bought for you. All your friends and family love you and know you so well - all of your presents revolved around Thomas, Bob, Handy Manny and Ning Ning - all your favorites!

I love that you are such a happy little boy. I love to hear you laugh and watch you run around and play and I love that you show so much love to all of us.

We love you Matthew - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBIE!!

Mommy and Daddy


Kayla said...

Happy Birthday Ish! I am so glad you had a great birthday! Hugs!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! ;-)

HarmSkills said...

Happy Birthday Ish!!!!

Mrs E said...

Happy Birthday Ish!!!!!!!!!!!

Cole said...

I think this is the first time I've read your real name - I have an uncle Matt! Happy Birthday!

Unpolished Parenting said...

Happy Birthday little man!! What another wonderful year :) :) :)

Crystal said...

Great letter--make sure to save this for him one day! Happy Birthday to the little man.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! Before you know it, he will be three. It goes so fast. My boys were into the exact same things at 2. I think we have every Thomas and Lightning McQueen toy ever made :)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I must get my belated "Happy Birthday" here too. Ish you're getting to be a big boy now!