Monday, September 21, 2009

My 1st Birthday Party

Nothing like being put to work immediately after waking up on your birthday. Daddy made me help him test out the icing for my birthday cake. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to lick that spoon to make sure Daddy got it right!
Luckily, Grandma came over to rescue me from my parents and their child-labor ways.
No sooner had I completed my icing-tasting chores, I was immediately whisked outside to meet one of my biggest fans - Elmo. Mommy and Daddy tell me all the time that Elmo loves me. I gave him a hug - I think that made his day!
After my meet-and-greet with Elmo, Daddy and I helped out the other kiddies with a parachute game. We had to hold up the red end. Wait, where am I in this pic?
Oh, there I am!
As a reward for all my hard work, I was allowed to eat this yummy cake all by myself. I don't know how you eat your cake, but I like to eat mine one sprinkle at a time.
These chicks did not get the memo that 1-year-olds do not share.
Mommy and Daddy made Uncle Brad work during the party too. He was the only one big enough to be the pinata holder. I wasn't allowed to participate in this game, for fear of being trampled.
I got a lot of cool new toys for my birthday, but I have to give props to Grandma for coming through once again with the perfect gift - I LOVE my balloon Grandma!!!!
Next year I'm going to make Mommy and Daddy do all the work. I was exhausted after this party!

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Jennifer said...

OMG Elmo is awesome!!