Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Since Wish List Wednesdays are all the rage in the blogger world, I'll play along today!
I would love to get Ish this playset (and the huge backyard that we would need for it!):
I would also love to hire Mr. Belvedere - I think he would be quite helpful around the house:
I think every new parent's wish is to put Dr. Ferber on the payroll (he can train Mr. Belvedere to put his plan into action! And doesn't he look like a nice guy (and a little like Richard Dreyfuss) - he looks like he would be more than happy to help out!):My final wish for today is to freeze time, right about here:
I believe the other hot blogger fad is Thankful Thursdays. I just might play along with that too.

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