Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July by Ish

Like every red-blooded American boy I had to showcase my new baseball hat on the 4th (even though mommy says the Mets stink lately, I'll still wear the hat because I think I look cute!)
Here's me and Grandpa playing "Who can not smile the longest" - I can't remember who won.
There was a stand-up bathtub-type-thingie at the bbq. Mommy didn't make me wash my hair and no one was yelling at me to sit down, so I liked it better than the regular bath.
Here I am in my swimming trunks. Clearly I need to hit the gym.
This pool-thing they made me go in was too much like a bath - except about 4000 degrees colder. Not sure why I was being punished, but I hope I never see that thing again!!
I was told they had these things called Fireworks - but that was way past my bedtime. I need my beauty sleep. Maybe next year!

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