Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cabin Fever

We've been inside more than out since Christmas. This Polar Vortex ebbs and flows and has given us cold-cold days, kinda-cold days, snowy days, icy days, wintry-mix days, and a lot of grey dreary days. Thank goodness our house looks like a Toys R Us - there's always something to do! 
We were able to get out the weekend before Valentine's Day to a little event at the mall where the boys got to decorate Valentine's pictures
And make and eat their own cookies.
The day before Valentine's Day we had dinner at my parent's house where the boys got gifts from grandma and pop pop. These TMNT cars were a hit!
Valentine's Day brought a ton of snow. School was cancelled for two days in a row - and with it all the Valentine's Day parties that were planned. The kids won't get to celebrate until next week some time (after our well-timed "Winter break").
The boys also got giant sticker books from my parents which have kept them occupied for some time.
And when all else failed, I found some cardboard boxes that they colored and pretended to drive for a bit.
Thank goodness for Netflix - we have filled many hours with Phineas and Ferb marathons.

Now we sit and wait for all of this to melt.
And we are doing our best to stay friends while "stuck" together for so long!
And that my dear friends, is February in New York.



Masshole Mommy said...

Glad they are keeping busy. It's definitely been a tough winter this year.

Julie S. said...

This winter is insanity. I need some sunshine!