Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday Night Ramblings

There has been a nice break in the weather lately. No more scorching hot summer days. They've been quite comfortable. Warm, sunny, enjoyable.

The tag sale season here in town is still pretty busy. We've been able to find many little treasures. 

We saw Planes last weekend. It didn't disappoint. Both boys now run around with their arms open pretending to be Dusty.
We finally got around to haircuts. I love how summer buzz cuts look on these boys.
We picked up some mini golf sets on clearance at Target and have been having some backyard fun. I'm happy to report that no one has gotten hurt yet, even with all the wild and random swinging.
Not much else to report. I'll be back next week with some Lake George pics. We can't wait to get up north!


Masshole Mommy said...

I really need to hit more tag/yard sales. You always get such good deals at them.

Jennifer said...

You are always great at finding the tag sale stuff!! Hope you are enjoying the last week of summer!