Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hot, but good!

It was incredibly hot and humid today, but at least it didn't rain!

We started the day by making some yummy deserts for my parents' annual 4th of July party. It was a family effort.
I tried to get a good shot of the boys in their cute shirts, but Matthew wanted to hug Noah and neither of them looked at the camera at the same time. Picture it: T-Rex with American flag and top hats. I bought the shirts a size larger than I needed to this year - so hopefully I'll get a cute shot of them next year.
The party was all about water play. A refreshing way to spend the day.
Water tables, a pool, and of course, water pistols.
And plastic cups used a the ultimate wetting weapon.
There was a ton of great food, as usual.
And some pretty tasty desserts as well.
Even if I do say so myself.
Now it's time to watch a little TV, then turn in for the night. No fireworks for us this year.

Happy 4th everyone!


The Ludwigs said...

Sounds like fun - and those shirts sound adorable! Where did you find them?

Masshole Mommy said...

Those cupcakes look awesome :)

It's been SO humid here, too. My keratin has basically been useless.

HarmSkills said...

I love your husbands teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt!