Saturday, March 16, 2013

First score of the season

Tag sale season is getting close. We had our first taste of it today at the annual Children's Tag Sale at the local Elks Club (a local moms club rents out the club and it's sort of a multi-family tag sale). We've had luck at this sale before, but I have to say I was disappointed this year with their toys - a lot of dirty stuffed animals and old toys that weren't in very good shape. The few things that were nice were insanely overpriced - small Lego sets for $15 (I can get them cheaper new at Target!). But, we did score one great deal on Matthew's latest obsession - Skylanders.

Skylanders are an expensive habit. The figures sell for $10-15 a piece at places like Target, Walmart, etc. Then there are a bunch of accessories and game pieces that run $20 and up. We've snagged some on sale and when I've had store coupons. When we told Matthew we were going to the Elks sale today he asked "If there are Skylanders there, can we buy them?" - I told him of course we could. I figured we'd come home empty handed. When we got to the sale Matthew spotted them - a bag full of them.

We scored a wireless Wii portal, a carrying case, and 18 figures. All for only $40. The carrying case alone retails for $20. Plus, all the little figure cards and game codes were in the bag, as well as a collector's poster.

The woman who rang us up made a face as if she couldn't believe the small bag of stuff I brought to her had a $40 price tag on it (like I was crazy!). Obviously she has never bought a Skylander before - this was the deal of the century! Matthew is one happy camper.

I hope the rest of the season goes as well!


Masshole Mommy said...

That is an AWESOME score. We have a whole boatload of Skylanders that I've paid full price for - and you're right, they are expensive.

Dawn said...

What a happy little boy you have there. Amazing DEAL!

Mama Hen said...

You are so good about finding super deals! :) I am tired of this weather. Just shoveled my driveway again. I am ready for spring! Have a good night!