Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random Rambling

It's getting colder here in NY. We've busted out the scarves and winter jackets. Matthew and Noah have taken a liking to mine.
My mom bought the boys holiday singing microphones.
They think they're rock stars.
Matthew randomly yells at me to "take a picture" because he thinks he's being cute. He usually is.
I talked Matt into putting our tree up today. He's a good sport about this kind of stuff.
He let Matthew help put the angel on this year. And I let Matthew put on about 50% of the ornaments.
He was quite proud of his handiwork.
Noah was napping when we put up the tree (thank goodness). When he woke up he was as excited as his brother about the tree being up.
When we set him free he curiously surveyed the tree.
He looked at me as to say "can I touch this?"
Even though I said no, he did anyway. But gently, so no damage was done.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day. I might get Matt outside on a ladder to put up our lights. :-)


~Dawn~ said...

I'm anxious to get our tree put up, too. I just have to wait until after Thanksgiving, tho. haha

Our Christmas lights however, are all up - and ON! :)

Noah looks so big in these pics. Time flies!

HarmSkills said...

Ok your lil Matt looks just like your husband! Also my son has that angry birds t too! We are waiting until Saturday to do the tree I hope my 14 month old will leave it alone

Masshole Mommy said...

You're good - you already have your tree up!! Ours is going up on Saturday. As usual - super cute pictures, although those microphones might drive me slightly insane.