Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day

My 1st Day of Pre-K
My name is: Matthew
I am: almost 4 years old (next week!)
When I grow up I want to be: a teacher
My teacher's names are: Kyle and Kathy
My favorite toys are: my superheroes
My favorite thing to do is: play outside
My favorite food is: pizza pie!
I like to: color, paint, play on the iPad, play with my action figures, go to Target, draw with sidewalk chalk, read, go to tag sales, help daddy fix stuff, play with my brother, go to grandma's house,watch Batman DVDs, eat at Chili's, go shopping with mommy, play with my water tables, blow bubbles


~Dawn~ said...

Love the photo, Gina. How did he like pre-school today?

Annette said...

So cute! I love his "bio sheet." What a precious time to remember! Happy first days of pre-school!

Jennifer said...

So cute! Hope he had a great day!

Masshole Mommy said...

So cute! Who doesn't love pizza pie LOL?

Alison said...

Oh he is so handsome! I hope he had a great first day at school!!

LeeAnn said...

Too cute! How is pre-k going? Will he start kindergarten next year? Here in FL the cut off is September 1st, so Bryce will be almost 6 years old when kindergarten starts. Which, actually, is fine with me, but that just means another year of paying for full time daycare...