Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Night Random

Noah is fascinated by our recycling. He's constantly pulling out cardboard and plastic from our bins. No idea why.
The boys are playing together more. And not in the "Noah is just there and Matthew allows him to exist in his personal space" kind of way. They are interacting. They are having fun together.
Noah has a new girlfriend.
Matthew has discovered Optimum TV on the iPad.
Noah looks like a little tough guy in short sleeves. Seriously, like he's ready to rumble at any time.

Matthew fell at school and scraped his nose. He has told everyone and anyone who would listen about it. Including family, friends, cashiers and other random strangers.
This picture has no story - it's just cute.
We scored this garage at a tag sale on Saturday. The guy hosting the tag sale thought the boys were just so cute that he gave this to us. It's a new fan favorite.
This morning we took a trip to Urgent Care to get us all checked out. We've been "yucky" for about 2 weeks now. Turns out Matt needs antibiotics for his sinuses, and Matthew needs drops for his conjunctivitis. I just need some Sudafed, and Noah got a clean bill of health. This is Matthew's dramatic interpretation of what to do when you're at the docs office.
Once we all got some meds in us and started to feel like we were on the upswing, we ventured out to Target for some retail therapy. We picked up two new friends.
On the calendar this week is Matthew's first ever school play. The Lorax. He's been singing the little songs for weeks now. Expect a video.

Happy Sunday!

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