Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random Instagram

Matthew watching a movie. Scooby Doo to be exact.
A close up. Can you tell if this is Matthew or Noah?
Playing on the new bean bag chair.
I've discovered a new app that works great with Instagram - it's called Pic Stitch and it lets you do things like this to your pics:
I'm still playing around with it, really haven't figured out its full potential yet, but I think it's a pretty neat app. That's all I got for now. Pretty boring, I know, but I'm trying to balance my job hunt with spending more time with the boys, getting the house in order and prepping for Noah's 1st birthday party. Hopefully I get the hang of multi-tasking all this soon.


Eschelle said...

Eventually you will it is soooo hard to juggle!!! I feel like that is all I do even when i'm sleeping i'm juggling thoughts etc...

Mama Hen said...

So cool! I love the pictures! I hope you are outside enjoying this gorgeous day! Happy Sunday!

Mama Hen

~Dawn~ said...

Cute pics - I bet you're enjoying the extra time with the boys!! :) Can't believe Noah's 1st B-day is coming up - crazy how fast that went.

We had SNOW today in MN. Ugh!