Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Ish Trip Report - As Told By Ish

Mommy and Daddy took me on a car trip last weekend to see Nana and Granddad. Here I am on the way there - mommy packed all my toys to keep me busy on the long trip. I insisted on stopping for diaper changes and snacks.
Daddy let me play on him in bed - just like at home!
Oddly enough, my bouncer followed us to DC - when we got to Granddad's house, there it was waiting for me! Such a loyal bouncer I have.
I made some new friends on this trip - Smokey and Blossom. Mommy says they are doggies, but
Smokey was much more hyper than Sasha and Blossom was HUGE (I think she might be a bear in disguise).Upon closer inspection, I concluded that Blossom is indeed a bear. I decided to taste her to be sure - tastes like bear.
Some other stuff happened on our trip - including meeting Nana for the first time, hanging out with Granddad at the house and meeting Great Aunt Sally. I'll save those pictures for another day - I really wanted to show off Blossom and Smokey today.

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