Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Weekend in Pics

It was another weekend of great walking weather - a little chilly, but sunny
Sunday was Mall Day - here's Ish in Sears trying to help daddy decide on which tool will get the job done right (while sucking on a piece of his stroller - apparently that helps him think better)
After tough decision-making at Sears, it was off to the food court for a lunch of squash and pears(yes, mommy forgot the bib this time out but Ish was so hungry that he didn't let a drop miss his mouth!)
Here's Ish realizing that they closed Kay Bee Toys - SHOCKING!
After a tough day at the mall it was time to rest and play at home - Ish loves being on mommy and daddy's bed - much more room than in that crazy jail cell called his crib!

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