Friday, February 20, 2009

Houston We Have A Thumbsucker! And A Tooth!!!

Matthew, the master of shoving his entire hand into his mouth, has suddenly realized that it's easier to just suck on one of his fingers - he has found his thumb! He still jams his whole hand in there occasionally, but every once in a while he settles for just the thumb. He was bouncing like crazy when I took this pic so it's not the best quality - but you get the idea! We also found out why our usually good sleeper has been cranky and fussy the past few nights - a tooth is breaking through his bottom gums!

PS - Ignore the large gash on his head - in his attempts to fight his sleep Matthew rubs and scratches his face like crazy. And no matter how short we cut his nails, or how well we file them, he still manages to do some pretty good damage.

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