Friday, November 14, 2008

8 Weeks Old Today!

Time flies! I can't believe he is already 8 weeks old - seems like only yesterday he was beating me up from the inside! Here are two pictures - one when we were in the hospital the day after he was born and today (he smiles A LOT - this is the best picture I could get, sort of a smirk, but cute none the less!). It almost seems like they're two different babies. We weighed him yesterday before his shower - he's already up to 11 pounds. His hair is coming in nicely - looks blondish/brownish. Soon he'll lose that Terry Bradshaw look! He goes to the doctor next week for his two month check-up (where he'll get his first round of shots - I'm not looking forward to that and I'm sure if he knew what was going to happen, Matthew wouldn't be either!). It's a good thing he's in love with his doctor - maybe he'll be strong for her!

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