Saturday, March 26, 2011

First haul of the season

One of the local churches in the area had their annual Children and Babies Sale today (don't worry, no actual children or babies were for sale). It's sort of the unofficial start to tag sale season here. And even though the temps were just slightly above freezing, we headed out to check out the scene.

I think there was less there this year than year's prior, but we still did okay. Ish is into pretend play lately so I thought he'd love this little house to put his figures/dinosaurs/soldiers/whatever in. It was just a quarter, so I took my chances!
Plus, it folds up nice and small so that's a bonus.
These Melissa & Doug dinosaur magnets were only $2. We have a double-sided easel with a magnetic side that these will work great with.
This is a Melissa & Doug Pizza Party set (I tried to upload this pic 3 times but it still comes in vertical, no idea why!). It was only $4! This set retails for $22 at our local craft store.
I also picked up a few books that I thought Ish would like. The Diego book is also a pretend camera. The Noah's Ark book has pull out puzzle pieces. And Elmo, well, he's just Elmo and that's all Ish cares about!
I also found a brand-new-in-the-box Little Einsteins pirate set for $4. Ish loves Jake & The Neverland Pirates lately so I figured these would be a hit.
And just like I thought - the little house was a hit! He even insisted on taking it up to bed for nap time.
I have a feeling I'll be out of commission for a few prime weeks of tag sale season this year so I'm glad I was able to get out today.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Hi Auntie Gina - aren't we cute???
I love to play and hang out with my cousin.
Although sometimes he does things that make me right now - what is he doing over there???
For my own safety I think I'll just hang out at the other end of the crib for a bit. You're coming to pick him up soon, right??!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Save The Date - June 24th

So it looks like Cars 2 will be coming to theaters on June 24th. Along with Cars 2 will be this little gem, Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation (Ish has asked to watch this trailer a dozen times this morning alone!!). Apparently Ken screws up the plan to stow away in Bonnie's backpack when the family leaves for a Hawaiian vacation and the rest of the gang tries to help him out:

I'll be on maternity leave, so hopefully I can scam a babysitter for Noah and me and Ish can have a date at the movies!